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Chapter 1: Nick's Proposal


Opening Credits - Chapter 1

Kyle sits at his desk trying to concentrate on studying for an upcoming exam, but his mind keeps drifting back to the day’s events.  Today Kyle saw a side of Nick that was surprising to him. It was not Nick’s confidence or ambition. These traits are what attracted Kyle to Nick in the first place, but rather the implication that Kyle needed to use Oliver’s feelings for him to influence Oliver’s views on the gay marriage initiative. Nick and Amelia (Nick’s zealous friend and colleague) wanted to ensure that Oliver did not “out” Dorian as a straight woman pretending to be gay. While Oliver had hurt Kyle more than words could describe, Kyle is positive that he could not be so heartless to his Oliver. Oliver did not deserve this kind of treatment no matter what mistakes he made in the past. Kyle is certain of this and hopefully Nick would just let it go, but deep down he know this would not be the end of the discussion. Amelia would see to that!

Kyle tries to return to his studies but still cannot completely focus as his mind continues to drift. He still could not believe Oliver thought Nick and Amelia were planning an assassination of Dorian. He chuckles just thinking about it, but understood why Oliver thought what he did.  Kyle is a bit angry with himself for blurting out what Oliver thought to Nick and Amelia. How embarrassed Oliver must have felt. He should have just kept his mouth shut. Then just like always was the case when he started to think about Oliver and how much he still cared for him all the hurt would return. Oliver pushed him away so many times and said some very hurtful things. While Kyle did forgive Oliver and he understood where the mean and hateful actions came from, it still did not change the hurt that continued to swell inside of him. How could his Oliver treat him like this?  Kyle wondered if he would ever be able to get past this.

Kyle returns to studying again. He has to focus or he very well could bomb the upcoming exam.

The next day Nick and Amelia meet up for lunch at Rodi’s.  As Nick walks in the entrance, Amelia waves from a table across the room. 

Meanwhile Roxy is having a drink at the bar near the table that Amelia and Nick are sitting at. Roxy, always the curious one, eaves drops on the conversation between Amelia and Nick.

Nick walks up to the table and has a seat: “Hi you! How are things with Dorian?”

Amelia tensely replies. “She’s still at the hospital with her niece. I barely have had any time to talk with her. It’s so frustrating. We should be out there campaigning. I’m going to head to the hospital right after lunch and see if I can get her focus back.”

 “If anyone can you can” Nick says with a smile.

Amelia grabs a drink of water and places her glass back on the table: “Where are we with the Oliver situation?”

“I’m not really sure.”

 “Is Kyle going to help us out or not?” Amelia asks in a very agitated tone.

“To be honest I’m not sure. He was not happy with me yesterday after the press conference. I wish you had not told him what I shared with you. I shared Oliver’s feelings with you in confidence as a friend.”

“Look Nick. I understand and I’m sorry, but sometimes I let our cause get the better of me. I hope things will be okay between you guys.”

“I think with time they’ll be fine. I need to share something with you about Kyle.”

Roxy becomes even more intrigued with the conversation.

The waiter brings over a glass of water and sits it down in front of Nick.

“Are you guys ready to order?” asks the waiter.

“Not just yet. Can you give us a minute?” says Amelia.

“No problem” says the waiter as he walks away from the table.

“So what did you want to tell me?” asks Amelia.

Nick smiles. “I think I’m going to ask Kyle to marry me.”

“Really? I didn’t know you guys were getting that serious.”

“I know how I feel Amelia. I care and love Kyle completely. I am drawn to him like I’ve never been drawn to another person. I want him to know how I feel and I am ready to commit to him now. I know it’s fast, but I want to be with him and I want to be a part of history if we can push the gay marriage initiative through.”

“Look Nick I’ll support you in whatever you decide, but please be careful. Are you sure Kyle is over Oliver? I thought you still have some doubts based on our earlier conversations?”

“I did, but I’m willing to put myself out there now. I can see a future with Kyle and I want him to know how I feel. I’m going to surprise him with dinner tonight at his place. Then over wine after a wonderful chocolate dessert I’m going to put my feelings out there. I want this more than I can say.”

“I’m happy for you Nick. I hope it works out the way you want it to. Go for it. Follow your heart.”

Nick is beaming in anticipation of his evening with Kyle.

Roxy speaks out loud. “I think I need to pay Officer Fish a visit before it’s too late.”

Later that evening Fish returns home to the apartment he shares with Cristian and Layla. He is still exhausted from his “day from hell” yesterday. First he overhead what he thought was assassination talk between Nick and Amelia. This would later come back to embarrass him to no end, first when he told Kyle and then when Kyle shared this with Nick and Amelia. Both Nick and Amelia then verbally attacked him for questioning the way they were going about supporting the gay marriage initiative. He did think it was sweet how Kyle tried came to his rescue. A smile comes across Fish’s face. This smile was pretty common whenever he thought of Kyle. Then he had to deal with the Ross Reyburn drama at work. But he did get to use a tasor for the first time on the job, opposed to using one in training, and it was really exciting. But the most gut wrenching part of this day was being around Kyle. Every time he saw Kyle it was as if time stopped. He couldn’t breath and his heart seemed to skip beats because of the excitement. All he wanted to do was grab Kyle, bring him into his arms, apologize for all his stupidity over the past few months and lay the most passionate kiss on him ever.  Fish thought to himself. If only, I were that brave. He was still adjusting to be an out gay man. He had no clue what this meant. Except he now knew he was tired of pretending to be anything other than who he really was. His only regret about coming out now was the fact that Kyle had moved on. Fish knew he still loved Kyle. He had loved him from the first time they met. He was not comfortable admitting this until now, but now Nick was in the picture.

Fish crashes on the couch and lets out a huge sigh. He then closes his eyes to get some shuteye from the very exhausting day.

As he falls into a deeper sleep someone pounds on the apartment door. Fish tries to ignore it hoping they will go away. He cannot deal with any more drama today. But the person on the other side of the door continues to knock.

“Hold on” says Fish as he works his way off the couch and to the door.

Fish opens the door and is surprised at who he sees.

“Roxy! What are you doing here?’

“We need to talk Officer Hunk. Or you may just lose Kyle for good” says Roxy as she barges into the apartment.


“Nick, thank you for this awesome dinner. This was a perfect way to end a tense day. I was so stressed about the exam.”

“Do you want anymore wine or dessert?” asks Nick.

“Thanks but I can’t drink or eat anything else. I really appreciate all this.”

“Why don’t you go over to the bed and lay down a bit. I’m going to quickly clean this up and then I need to talk with you about something.”

Kyle immediately gets a panicked look on his face. “Anything wrong? I’m sorry about yesterday. I just still get defensive where Oliver is concerned.”

“Relax Kyle. This has nothing to do with Oliver for a change. This is about you and me.”

“’Glad to hear it” says Kyle as he makes his way over to the bed, kicks off his shoes and lays down.

Nick cleans off the desk, which had served as a temporary dining table for their evening dinner festivities. He then walks over to the side of the bed where Kyle lays with his eyes closed.

“You still awake?” asks Nicks as he grabs Kyle’s hand and sits down on the bed beside him.

Kyle very wearily opens his eyes looking up at Nick.

“I know you’re tired Kyle, but I need to ask you something. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about us the past couple of days.”

“Does this have to do with Oliver? I told you I’m with you now. Oliver is the past.”

“Kyle. I told you earlier this has nothing to do with Oliver. This is about us. I’ve told you how I feel about you. I really like you. More than I probably should at this point. In fact, I can’t believe I am going to say this so fast, but I love you Kyle.”

Kyle looks up at Nick. “I don’t know what to say.”

Nick looks directly into Kyle’s eyes. “You don’t have to say anything. I know we are still relatively new, but I want you to know I am here. I don’t plan on going anywhere. In fact I want to share my life with you for many years to come. I have a question for you.”

“What?” asks Kyle as he looks up into Nick’s eyes.

Nick closes his eyes briefly and takes a deep breath.  “Will you marry me Kyle?”

“Nick!” says Kyle as he sits up in the bed. He wraps his arms around Nick and draws him into a hug.

“I wasn’t expectin’ this. Ya’ sure about this?”

“I’m positive. So what do ya say?”

Kyle closes his eyes and continues to hug Nick. As his eyes close he remembers the kiss between him and Oliver in the alley. Then he recollects on Oliver pushing him away after the kiss and the hurt begins to swell inside again. He opens his eyes to try and block out the pain.

“Yes, Nick. I’ll marry you.”

To be continued.......................

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